Notice of the need to submit the TRANSACTION ID and TAX PAYER’S NUMBER for the Cameroon BESC application -2017

Hi,dear customers!

From January 1, 2017, the application for Cameroon electronic tracker, must provide the TRANSACTION ID and TAX PAYER’S NUMBER, otherwise the original can not be issued.

This number should be provided by the consignee at the port of destination. This number is required for all orders, except for used vehicles.

Example: Transaction ID No: PR000236 (eight characters) Tax Payer’s No: M010700021805Q (fourteen characters)

Note that the following two types of conditions do not need to provide Transaction ID, other circumstances need to provide:

1-2016-12-15 before the application of the SGS orders

2 – SGS-exempted orders

Your consignee may inquire about this new requirement. And may forward the following notice in English to the consignee at the port of destination:

“The transaction number requested for the establishment of the ECTN results from a new procedure in force in Cameroon at the level of the Single Window in place.

Any importer wishing to make a shipment must first obtain this transaction number free of charge by creating a tracking record of his shipment at Douala. Once this procedure is done, a transaction number (PRxxxxxx) is generated and the importer must communicate it to the shipper for the establishment of the ECTN in order to link it to its record previously created in Douala.

The procedure being new, shippers who are confused must simply call their correspondent in Douala to ask them for the transaction number associated with their shipment.

The importer will be able to approach the Single Window at the port of Douala to obtain this number quickly.

Shippers should understand that without this transaction number they can not clear their goods in Douala.

So if they do not make the effort to ask it quickly to do the BESC they will have difficulties in Douala.

For all expeditions of used vehicles , the number of transaction will not be required to the shipper because a default number will be informed for all these cases in the system.“







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