Electronic Cargo Tracking Note for Burundi


FOREMOST launches Electronic Cargo Tracking Note for Burundi.

FOREMOST informs the trade that in accordance with the Ministerial Ordinance N° 540/409 dated 18/3/2014 the Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) is now mandatory for all shipments to Burundi as from April 1st 2014 (date of Bill of Lading).

Agents are invited to register at FOREMOST on its site www.ectn.hk and to credit their electronic account.

ECTN numbers have to be mentioned imperatively on the Bills of Lading and manifests.

The ECTN has to be issued at the loading port – any regularization at destination is impossible.

Cargoes arriving without ECTN will be blocked pending regularization by FOREMOST and shippers/importers/shipping lines risk penalties as defined by the Ministry of Finance of Burundi.

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