G.S.A. implements the Advance Shipment Information in Ghana.

Following the passage of the Ghana Shippers Authority (G.S.A.) Regulations LI 2190, the Advance Shipment Information (ASHI) will be implemented in Ghana.

As from March 1st 2015 (date of Bill of Lading) all cargoes arriving at the seaports of Ghana transit cargoes included, will have to be covered by an Advance Shipment Information (ASHI) document.

G.S.A. has entered into the service cooperation with FOREMOST, who will provide the ASHI on worldwide level through its website and its international agency network.

Shipping lines are bound to include the ASHI-number into the Bill of Lading and cargo manifest under the penalty of effective fines.

Validated ASHI will be a mandatory document for the (transit) custom clearance at Ghanaian Ports.

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